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Version 0.8.0-alpha

**** New features ****

  • Now updates are automated with a launcher !
  • Added a performance statistics tracker in order to analyze in-game performance
  • You can now save your game (NPC AI is partially saved)

**** Improvements ****

  • Performance improvements
  • Global game core refactoring to anticipate next updates
  • New Input Management System (Keyboard/Mouse, Gamepad)
  • New “3D locator icons”
  • Adjusted clothes texture effects on male characters

**** Bugfixes ****

  • Fixed NPC navigation agent not stopped in pause mode
  • Fixed the “locator 3D icon” visibility not driven by the HUD visibility
  • Fixed “locator 3D icons” arrow position
  • “Rooms” are now called “Compartments”
  • Fixed hair texture transparency on male character